Growing up, life was always a race for the members of the Hendricks family. Their way of life and competitive nature has made Hendricks Fabrication the company it is today. Larry Hendricks instilled in his sons a love for racing cars, riding bikes, and traveling out West. One time they even rode their bikes 218 miles to Charleston for fun. For the Hendricks’, being the best isn’t enough, they want to know their competitors and how to beat them. This competitive and enduring spirit can be seen in the work they do for every client. Meet the Hendricks family:

Larry Hendricks – Founder
LarryLarry’s accomplishments only begin with starting Hendricks Fabrication. Larry is the proud father of three sons, and one daughter. He loved working with his boys in the shop until he retired in 2004. At age 70, he enjoys climbing Table Rock three times a week, going horseback riding, and hiking. In the past, Larry was also the recipient of many awards for sports car racing, including the “SCCA National Champion- Showroom Stock A” award two years in a row. He jokes, “I just wish I had a son that could keep up with me.”

Greg Hendricks – Head of Purchasing and Planning
GregGreg has been the head of Hendricks Fabrication since 1988. Having grown up in the shop, there was never a question of whether or not he would work in this industry. Greg is certified in TextSoft, SolidWorks, AutoCad, and Metamation, and is a Lead Auditor for ISO. He has been married for over twenty-five years and has two daughters. He attends Newspring Church in Anderson, enjoys volleyball, and loves making a living for his family through Hendricks Fabrication.

Scott Hendricks – Head of Manufacturing
scottAfter studying Mechanical Engineering at Clemson for three years, Scott decided that working at Hendricks Fabrication was the right choice for him. He grew up working in the shop, and racing. Scott now has three children and one grandchild, including his son Tyler who also works at Hendricks Fabrication. At Hendricks, he enjoys designing new equipment and working with other engineers.

Shawn Hendricks – Head of Fabrication
shawnLike his brothers, Shawn has been in the shop all his life. As he grew up, Shawn was active in racing, and went on to become the World Challenge champion in 1990 and the Supercar Champion in 1992. Building several of his own racecars has taught Shawn to realize the importance of detail and taking great care with what he does, which has impacted his work at Hendricks. Shawn is married and has four children.